"Working closely with clients to create healthy, sustainable environments"

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AI Majaz Consulting Engineering was established in 1994 by a group of highly educated engineers who have more than 20 years' experience in the fields of planning, supervising and producing of hospitals and health care facilities projects. The best engineering designs of the highest standards are used. The expertise of the office insures our steady achievements of modern scientific advances. A strong factor in the success of AI Majaz Consulting Engineering is our effort to concentrate on the technological and environmental aspects of a project's design. By combining modern techniques with creativity, a balance is achieved, producing buildings distinguished in both shape and operational efficiency. In-depth studies are done during the design stages. Advanced engineering methods are used to enhance design as well as reduce costs.
Our administrative and technical staff not only use the most advanced equipment, but they at-tend on-going training classes, and have access to an architectural library that is continuously being update


Objectives Of Al Majaz Engineering Consulting

Our aim is to provide engineering consulting services specifically in the field of medical services, as well as other fields in general. Our objective is to prepare and successfully execute high ranking projects by combining the modern approach, using the most advanced tools, with the unique features true to the heritage of the Saudi Society. This requires our paying special attention to local environmental aspects


Areas of expertise

Al-MajazConsulting Engineering has a wide range of the required expertise to provide unique services in all feasibility studies and analysis studies to project management and construction supervision, and it’s also include :

  • Project definition.

  • Site studies and analysis.

  • Planning and conceptual design.

  • Design drawing, bill of quantities and technical specifications.

  • Bidding documents and contracts.

  • Bidding studies and analysis.

  • Construction supervision.

  • Working drawing and shop drawing .

  • Quality control

  • Training and development.

  • Project management.

  • Construction management.


General Manager

The General Manager is Engineer Fahd Abdullah AI Yahiya. He received his Bachelor Degree in Architecture from King Faisal University Dammam in 1985G, and a Diploma in Medical Planning from Bristol University in Britain in 1988G.
After graduation, Engineer Fahd A1 Yahiya joined the Directorate General of Projects at the Ministry of Health. He was involved in the planning and designing of several hospitals and medical centers in the different regions of the kingdom. His last assignment with the Ministry was working as a de-signer and medical planner and as the head of the planning team for a general hospital with a capacity of (150) model beds. Engineer Fahad went to work for the Construction Company for two years (1991-1993). He worked as a senior Architect. During that time, he gained a vast amount of experience in construction and design.


"Working closely with clients to create healthy, sustainable environments"

Our Services

Feasibility Studies
Almajaz Consulting Engineering provides analytical studies and economical feasibility studies. In that regard. Almajaz maintains a good and continuously updated data base from different sources that include. but not limited to. demographic statistics and market indexes prevailing rates and studies.

Medical Planning
Medical planning studies require a comprehensive knowledge of the latest methods of hospital operation and medical procedures in the examination, diagnosis and treatment areas, as well as the familiarity with the latest developments in the medical field and the medicalequipment. Almajaz provides the necessary expertise to deliver unique services for its clients in regard to medical planning and functional and space program studies for healthcare facilities. Almajaz always ensures that the latest and update Saudi and international codes and standards in the healthcare facilities design area are used in preparing the medical planning.

Architectural Design
AlMajaz Consulting Engineering depends on a highly trained and qualified group of architects and engineers indifferent disciple areas to prepare the projects designs. In order to achieve their goal, the office provides the latest available technology in the computer field. including hardware and software applications, along with the support of a unique and skilled group of draftsmen in different fields. The office also gives a great importance to review all projects by imperial team to assure the quality control of all projects. Furthermore, the office works to preserve a distinctive style of architectural designs that expresses the functionality and simplicity on the same time, A style that avoids any conflict with the environment and the Saudi culture amongst a huge number of projects nowadays that focus only on form and appearance on the expense of efficiency and functionality.

Interior Design
Through a joint venture with other interior design firms and professionals, AIMajaz Consulting Engineering provides Interior design services. The service includes, but not limited to, decoration work. Color schemes and way finding. Interior
Finishes selection, illumination and light fixtures, window treatment and furniture and equipments.

Engineering Consulting
One of the unique aspects of AIMajaz Consulting Engineering is that they employ well trained staffs who have an extensive experience in many engineering disciplines. They all together form an integrated team work that has the capability to study all projects aspects. Through their extensive experience with the healthcare facilities projects, which considered very sophisticated buildings; These teams developed a valuable experience that gives them the advantage to handle all different kinds of projects and buildings, no matter how large or complicated they are.

Projects Management
AlMajaz Consulting Engineering provides projects management services to many projects for the private sectorsuch as healthcare facilities projects. The office has all the required human resources and technical tools that are necessary to deliver this kind of service at the highest level ofprofessionalism. The service include all aspects of projects management such as scheduling. budget controlassessment, preparing and reviewing all different working drawings, bill of quantities, study of submitted offers or quotations, preparing all site reports, and issuance of all different decisions and recommendations in order to finalize the project by the minimum expenses and terms by the best project expected benefits.

Construction Supervision
AlMajaz Consulting Engineering provides to their clients construction supervision services. They deliver this kind of service for many projects in different regions of the Kingdome. Construction Supervision and management is provided not only for healthcare facilities projects but also for many other projects types such as educational. Religion, office buildings and shopping centers and malls. A number of construction supervision teams in various engineering fields and multiple technical expertise are working in different projects throughout the Kingdom regions. AlMajaz is proud to contribute to the urban and architectural development of the Kingdom.

"Working closely with clients to create healthy, sustainable environments"

"Working closely with clients to create healthy, sustainable environments"

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We are currently hiring for our design office and site supervision for all disciplines.

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